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Sometimes it’s good to have an outside eye take a look at your operation -- it’s healthy and can give you the edge you need at your club. Our signature one-time evaluation service is offered to provide the important details you need to continue with great conditions, or more importantly, showcase needs to your committee. Like all of our products, the evaluation is produced with professionalism, yet at the same time is easy to understand to the layperson and has many pictures and illustrations custom to your course. This is a must-have tool for every superintendent.


On-site data collection and evaluation of all aspects of the golf course performed by Greg Wojick, certified agronomist, landscape designer, and veteran superintendent.

$3,400 >

Travel Expenses may apply, contact for details.

A Partnership for Success in the Long Term.

When more than a one-time evaluation is necessary, we’re here to help. Greg can work with the club on an ongoing basis to ensure proper implementation of suggestions and actively pursue course improvement objectives with staff and member committees. This can be a highly effective supplement for clear communications on course conditions and needs between superintendents and committees.


We offer ongoing consultations to a very limited number of clubs each year. Please contact us for availability and price.


Sound Agronomics Combined with New Technology.

Basic agronomics state that it is almost impossible for even just one hole to have the same levels of any one nutrient over the entire area. By taking around 100 soil samples per hole, we are able to isolate areas on a hole that are either high or low in pH and nutrient levels.


Using GPS technology, soil testing, and proprietary software, we can covert detailed data into an easy to understand and use guide. Includes on-site soil samples, GPS of sample sites, processing of results into software, and production of final analysis mapping. The analysis includes mapping for pH, P, K. Other nutrients can be analyzed, contact us for details. You can choose which holes to have analyzed to fit within budget constraints each year.



1 Hole = $950 - 3 Holes = $2,400 - 9 Holes = $110/ac 18 Holes = $90/ac


*For 1-3 holes, you must be within a travel distance determined by Playbooks for Golf. If you locate at least 5 other courses in your area who would like one hole analyzed, we can then perform the single hole service.


Professional Process to Bring You the Best Talent.

Our approach to a Superintendent Search is geared to providing the club with the best resources possible in order to make the right choice for their club. We do this by using our entire team to deliver a comprehensive strategy and go the extra mile to filter and interview possible candidates so only the best are showcased to the club.


In addition, through our range of career development services, we have access to many outstanding professionals in the industry that are top-quality talent actively seeking to advance their careers. We also have access to many individuals that we can contact and evaluate for the position that normally would not apply through a standard application process.


We offer limited Search opportunities per year, contact us for availability and pricing options.


We are an Affiliate Member of the GCSAA and support the industry in various initiatives. We donate yearly to the EIFG Auction, have contributed and participated in the Golf Industry Show since 2009, present educational talks, and support many local associations as well.
Thank you for supporting a company committed to our industry.


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