How Does It Work?

Conditions provides a free app for golfers via the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, the app can “alert” them via push notifications about important course notes for the day from the Superintendent and they can browse other areas of the course as well, like Projects, Articles, FAQ, Pins and much more. It's a complete package for your operation that will actually target the right audience, golfers who want info.


The Superintendent is provided with a custom-built and very easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) where they can update anything about the course status at any time. We deliver a turn-key setup for updates to be made and archived, it’s as easy as writing a text or tweet. It guarantees the vast majority of golfers are in-the-know about the course as they play due to the app and its notification system.

Your course updates are protected so only your members can view them in the app if desired


Conditions is a revolutionary and complete software platform that provides everything you need to instantly communicate with your golfers in real-time about the status of the golf course, and ensures they are actually getting the notes. It comes with a turn-key app, custom CMS and Resource Library fully built-out. It will also work with your clubhouse app.


We did all the hard work to make communicating with golfers a breeze. It's a home run for educating members.


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Fast Course Updates


ezPins/ezLocator Integrated


Golfer education reinvented

Results Are In and Golfers Praise!

Houston CC

Sands Point GC

Everything is working great! Members love the app and a majority have signed up. It has been a huge help with our communications.

Our membership loves it! Congrats on a job well done with this app. If you need me as a reference for the app please use us.


• Push Notifications keep golfers engaged with ease

• Can be integrated with Clubhouse app easily

• Update on your phone from the course real-time

• Short, important stories are loaded in 'Updates'

• Show daily hole locations in seconds with 'Pins'

• Archive historical work on the course with 'Projects'

• Grow your golfers' knowledge through 'Articles'

• Promote your professional image and operation

• Resource Library for great content ideas anytime

• Extremely easy to use, world-class Playbooks service

Simple CMS & Push Notifications

The CMS is where you will make the updates to the app and send the Push Notifications. It’s all very easy to use, just like any standard Blog editor or even Microsoft Word. We train you on using the CMS for all features, but rest-assured it’s not complicated. You can literally be up and running with the Conditions platform immediately after our training session, it’s already set up for your custom updates at that time. The Dashboard Screen is below where you can go to any section. Typically you’ll be visiting the Push Notifications and Updates sections.

Rolling It Out to Golfers

You can begin use of Conditions with as few or as many of your golfers as you want. If you’re at a private club, maybe start with giving the green committee access and they can then announce the launch to the general membership when ready as their initiative. Or use it with just your committee long-term for top-notch communication between members. If you’re at a public course, it’s easy to test it with a few frequent golfers before rolling it out to the public. We give you several marketing pieces to assist in getting your app out there and downloaded.

Complete Setup of All Platform Aspects

Conditions comes delivered to you 100% pre-built. That means the design, pages and functionality of the app are completely done, including the custom info about your career and club. We will stock each app page with text and images in place so all you have to do is edit what’s already there.


We register the app on the app stores for you before you begin use and finalize your notifications settings coding so you have to do nothing but use the simple CMS interface to edit things at your course. We also provide “app cards” to hand out to golfers so they can easily download the app.


All Submissions & Keys Done


Full Training & OnBoarding


7-Day Support Guaranteed

We want to help you communicate better.

Package Conditions with ezPins and PractiShot for significant savings.




What Do You Talk About?

Never before has it been a possibility to communicate on such a micro basis about course conditions and actually get golfers to pay attention. You can easily show daily course setup, stimp, special conditions, etc. at the first tee. Or provide notes about specific holes. Drive traffic to the app by including daily hole locations in the Pins section, through use of the ezLocator or ezPins platform. The possibilities are endless.


Conditions replaces Twitter, blogs, and emails with one, simple solution. Plus it works at engaging golfers so much better than anything else, our beta testing proved it.

Example Push Notification

But My Club Already Has an App?

Great! Clubhouse (F&B) apps can easily work with Conditions. Even if your F&B app has a small page for an update from you, it is built as a marketing app for the clubhouse, not the superintendent.


With Conditions, you can provide so much more information to the golfers who really want that information, while leaving the F&B app for the general membership. They just add a link to Conditions App and that's it. You then use our platform and deal with us, who work exclusively for superintendents--not the clubhouse. It is critical to have your information separate, yet still work with F&B. It's the perfect solution.

We are an Affiliate Member of the GCSAA and support the industry in various initiatives. We donate yearly to the EIFG Auction, have contributed and participated in the Golf Industry Show since 2009, present educational talks, and support many local associations as well.
Thank you for supporting a company committed to our industry.


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