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Our approach is as straightforward as our mission. By offering an array of innovative communication and technology products/services—from our renowned Coverage System to the revolutionary Conditions app—we are your one-stop resource for meeting the ever-increasing demands and challenges facing your operation and career.

So if you’re looking to enhance your image, save time and possibly money in your operation, contact us today.


Our mission is simple:

We’re committed to helping you achieve the next level of performance in communication and technology.



Before co-founding our company in 2008, Matt Leverich spent more than a decade working on golf courses in the Midwest and Northeast. In addition to turf, Matt had experience in software technology and dove deeper into computer programming and web development at the launch of Playbooks for Golf. He is now our lead on all product operations and IT development. Matt also works with each client during projects and after, reinforcing our commitment to customer service and quality products.




After nearly 30 years as a golf course superintendent and consultant, Greg Wojick co-founded Playbooks for Golf in 2008. Greg now travels the country becoming intimately familiar with a variety of golf course operations and the people who manage them. He is integral in the advancement of our brand in the marketplace and works tirelessly to ensure we meet customer expectations. Greg also advocates for golf advancement, particularly its history and architecture, serving as a Course Rater for Golfweek.




Leslie has a long history of world-class design work for smaller companies like Playbooks, all the way up to Fortune 500 giants like Marriott Worldwide. Leslie has advised Playbooks from the beginning, and joined us full-time in 2021. She works with clients on artwork for Career Materials, ezPins, PractiShot, Mapping and more, plus is integral in our UI/UX design for our software programs like Coverage and Conditions. When we say world-class design for your course and career, we mean it — Leslie delivers.



IT / Programming

We have several programmers on staff with years of experience in developing our software programs. We are an in-house organization that develops year-round. We listen to customers and what they want out of our software and build upon the programs through these requests and our unique skill-set to create simple, yet powerful solutions.


Sales / Partners

Our network in the industry has become a great asset to clients. We now have sales representatives and business partners through most territories. If you are looking for a local contact, just let us know and we can pass that information along. We also work with other industry businesses to augment their digital needs, from websites to apps to association management, we are their partner for success.



Founded From Turf

Additional Support

Why work with us?

It's simple really.

– We know the industry. But we also know technology and communication.

– Established success with customer satisfaction and service; clients continue to expand their Playbooks integration in daily operations.

– Comprehensive solutions: mapping, hole location automation, chemical/fertilizer tracking, member communications and career materials.

– No complex training or unnecessary software to deal with. We offer simple-to-understand solutions that just flat-out work for anyone.

– Keep all of your information up-to-date with ease as your course and  career changes.

Let us help you organize your operation, you've got enough to worry about with turf on the course. Utilize the number one resource for golf course communications – we deliver when you need it most.


We are an Affiliate Member of the GCSAA and support the industry in various initiatives. We donate yearly to the EIFG Auction, have contributed and participated in the Golf Industry Show since 2009, present educational talks, and support many local associations as well. Thank you for supporting a company committed to our industry.



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